Welcome to my hearth...


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Have you lost touch with your inner light? Join me by my hearth, let’s rekindle your joy…

Hi, I’m Mary - I just turned 60, live near Glasgow in Scotland, and am gently living my best life. I think of my work as a Wellbeing Therapist like that of a Lighthouse - by tending to my own light I help you tend to yours.

Through a combination of energy healing, massage therapy, holistic health coaching and self-help techniques, I gently empower women to move through life’s storms with more calm, joy and ease.


“Mary, you have been the light that helped me find my way out of a dark place. I have learnt so much from you and will be eternally grateful.”


My Symbols

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I was born and spent my childhood on a rose farm (this image is of one of the roses we grew).  

My Dad was from Lancashire, and their county flower is a Red rose. My Mum was from Yorkshire and their county flower is a White rose. As a child I could not decide where my allegiance lay and therefore called myself a Pink rose. The soft blossoming of the rose reminds me of our own gentle unfolding.




Aged 6, I watched a cargo ship outward bound from Port of Preston disappear along the River Ribble, and had a longing to discover what happened beyond the horizon.

In my twenties, I went on to an adventurous and rewarding career in the Merchant Navy, falling in love with lighthouses the world over. Eventually, I found my way home to myself, and learnt how to light the way for others to shine their lights.


shadow tree


When I first started healing work in 2008, I named my practice Star Therapies. In 2018, I decided to rebrand, not just as Mary McConnell, but as Mary Elizabeth McConnell. It may be long, but it represents me claiming ALL of myself. The light in me as well as the shadow. When we fully love & embrace ourselves in all our emotional shades, then we are whole.

It’s also why I’m reclaiming the word ‘crone’ - hello, I’m Mary Elizabeth McConnell, the Contented Crone!


Magical: there is no other word to describe time spent with Mary. Whether she is listening, teaching you a relaxation technique, or laying her hands on you, the flow of love & healing is palpable. I came away feeling calm & healed & ready to stand in a more empowered place.


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The techniques and strategies that I offer got me through a very tumultuous time in my life, from divorce & bereavement, to illness & anxiety. 

Me on my 60th birthday, with a lighthouse in the distance.

Me on my 60th birthday, with a lighthouse in the distance.


A few years ago at age 52, I had just divorced and moved into my own home - with a mortgage - when I was was made redundant. As I went about interviewing for a new job, a friend asked me ‘what do you really want to do next?’

I realised that what I really wanted was to become self-employed and help others. I embarked on 9 months of massage school training, and became a Reiki Master.

Very soon after that, I lost my father and was unable to travel to see him in his final days as I developed meningitis. Amidst my bereavement I also suffered labyrinthitis and vertigo, which meant I was housebound for about 7 months.

During that period, I experienced anxiety and panic attacks, worrying whether I would be able to make a pot of soup without falling over, walk to the corner to post a letter or ever hold down employment again. I did not think I could go on.


I look back now and know that my body decided to slow me down, as my mind felt I had to keep going at all costs. I thought I was an unstoppable, unbreakable superwoman, but I needed to take time out to tend to myself.

Around that time, a friend introduced me to the Multicultural Wellness Education Training run by Capacitar (Spanish ‘to empower’) dealing with trauma and resilience, where I learnt ‘simple holistic wellness practices that help people tap into the wisdom of their own body, mind and spirit.’ 

lotus candle holder
Me, the Contented Crone (a star jump on my 60th birthday!)

Me, the Contented Crone (a star jump on my 60th birthday!)


These wellness practices changed my life during a time of crisis. I felt I could once more live my life fully, and not be limited by fear & overwhelm.

Knowing and remembering that you know how to help yourself when emotions are swirling is empowering. 

I offer these tools to you so that you too can move forwards in your life with more joy & light.

You always bring joy, Mary – holding the keys to joy isn’t easy, but you do it well.


want to soothe your mind & body and learn empowering self-help techniques?

want to cosy up by my fire & feel nourished from the inside out?

want to learn how to take control of your wellbeing & manifest a joy-filled life?