Experience the deep comfort & relief that comes from balancing your subtle energies.

Reiki and Seichim are ancient healing modalities that can be beneficial for virtually any condition, from insomnia to chronic back pain to emotional trauma. They have no contra-indications and can be safely combined with conventional medicine.
These treatments are given fully-clothed, using subtle touch and energy channeling. Expect to experience deep relaxation, maybe some tingly sensations of warmth or coolness, and to leave feeling lighter, clearer, and calmer.

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£45 / 60min

Reiki gently triggers the body’s own healing abilities and improves the flow of life energy to bring mind body and spirit back into balance. It can be very powerful and I trust that the energy always goes where it is needed. 

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£45 / 60min

Seichim is very similar energy healing to Reiki, but might be chosen by someone who is ready for a big shift in their life, or a new beginning  as it clears deeper blocks which may be preventing a move forward. 

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£60 / 75min

After a short consultation, we’ll use a combination of any of my massage and energy offerings for a bespoke healing experience. We end with some relaxation techniques that you can use at home.




“Mary’s distance Reiki session was one of the most nurturing and comforting experiences ever. As I lay down and closed my eyes, I was intrigued and totally unsuspecting of what could happen.

I felt an initial tingling on my forehead - very comforting and soothing, very relaxing. I sank deeper into the sofa and a few minutes later felt my feel tingling.

By the end of it, I felt very at peace, very rested, very soulful and a little emotional. Mary’s feedback of what she felt during the Reiki was spot on - very intuitive and meaningful to my current life, without knowing any of what's going on. Thank you Mary. You have such a nurturing, soulful, compassionate energy around you and anyone who received Reiki or any therapy from you is very blessed indeed to have your shared energy amongst them.”

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