Empowering you to tune into your inner wisdom and reclaim your life & wellbeing with simple but profound self-help techniques.

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed, anxious, want to shout ‘stop the bus I want to get off?’ 
I too have felt like that, when life comes at you just a bit faster than feels comfortable. Imagine coming to sit at my cosy kitchen table with a cuppa... Pull up a chair to the fire, let’s chat.

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“I have a feeling of all my bones realigning energetically. Of my whirling mind being calmed and settled. It feels so beautifully delicious.”


“It was like bringing myself back in line with my own steps and not dancing to someone else’s tune . It was such a positive experience and felt so grounding.”


My Recalibration Sessions came into being after I shared some simple, soothing self-help relaxation practices with a friend, followed by a short energy healing session. Her response delighted me:

mary elizabeth mcconnell therapist recalibration sessions

It’s as if I have been recalibrated, reset to zero, in fact I feel like myself again and it has been some time since I felt that way.”

I learnt these techniques during a traumatic time in my life, and I know for sure that regular practice has built my resilience and got me through other bumps in the road along the way. Life happens, and can get bumpy, and with these practices I feel able to trust that I will get past the bumpy bits and emerge with a smile. I want to empower you with these techniques as well.

I feel wonderful - stress reduced from 7.5 to 1.5/2. Just being here is enough, I feel softer inside...

£60 / 60-70 MIN
( £40 if booked by Dec 31st 2018)

Sessions may be bought ahead of use or used as birthday or Christmas / holiday season gifts. (I am happy to send gift vouchers if required ) and I will honour any sessions bought at this early bird price for the next 6 months.


We will meet online via Zoom or Skype (or in-person if you are in Bearsden, Glasgow). For about an hour and I will gently guide you through the session, combining energy healing with practical self-help techniques.